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The Bio-Restaurant presents itself in a new look

- with an exhibition by Barbara Feldhoff

As a freelance artist, Barbara has realised a variety of international projects, and now her expressive paintings also hang in the organic restaurant in Munsbach.

The artworks can now be admired on the first floor of the Bio Marché Munsbach until October. They are photo prints that have been given - sometimes more, sometimes less - a painterly finish.

Like the Flowforms in the courtyard of the OIKOPOLIS Centre, the new exhibition is inspired by the element of water. However, neither the exhibition nor the paintings have a title so as not to interfere with the viewer's creativity and interpretation. There are to be no limits to improvisation and the relationship between the inner depth of the creator and the observer.

The artist is at the same time a mediator of expressions in all possible art forms. In her works, she combines different media in order to transport the rhythm and movement of art to the outside world. Music, movement and the visual always play a central role. The creative medium is intended to trigger inner creativity and expression in people.

You can find more projects by the artist on her website.

  • Feldhoff Ausstellung 1
  • Feldhoff Ausstellung 2
  • Feldhoff Ausstellung 4
  • Feldhoff Ausstellung 3
  • Feldhoff Ausstellung 5
  • Feldhoff Ausstellung 6